SWFL Eagles_ H & M Show Loving Care For Their Miracles: E15/6 days & E16/4 days 04-06-20

4/6/2020 9:27:47 PM

wskrsnwings - This is my first visit to the nest since E15 & E16 hatched. You could feel these beautiful new lives enveloping the pasture. M15 relieved Harriet. She perched in a snag before flying to the nearby power poles. M15 brooded the eaglets, took short breaks above the nest vocalizing warnings to birds flying over and watched the territory closely from a snag briefly. The E's are well loved and well cared for. Thank you SWFEC, hosted by Dick Pritchett Real Estate, for providing & maintaining suitable trees & environment for this Bald Eagle Family. www.SWFLEagleCam.com Portions of this video were captured by myself from the live feed of the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam. Thank you to Dick Pritchett Real Estate (SWFEC), Church of the Nazarene, Eagle Landing & several friends for allowing me to film on their premises.