Persistence & Perseverance- Weekly Nest Notes

2015-11-23 20:20:59 GMT

Harriet and M15 are taking all the necessary steps toward cementing the bond that has been developing over the last several months. It has been said that Eagles mate for life however there are perils along the way. Harriet tragically lost her devoted mate Ozzie. Young suitor M15 arrived on the scene, persisted, persevered and has been at Harriet’s side. One theory is that they are not considered a bonded pair until they raise young together. This may be the first chance for M15 to do just that. Harriet’s invaluable experience and drive to procreate is more evident as she takes the lead in the relationship between the two. Female Eagles are the dominant partner to ensure the loyalty of their mate. M15 is proving himself well as he follows Harriet’s lead and example.

Harriet enjoyed bathing at the pond on their territory as M15 watched from the nest tree. Their work together continues as they survey the area defending and warning off any intruders. The overnight hours have been spent perching together in the nest tree or in a nearby tree. Their behaviors are indicating a strengthening bond.

M15’s instincts are becoming more and more apparent as Nature intended and he is showing the dedication and work it will take to be Harriet’s mate. M15 is becoming more experienced as he works on nest building by finding the right branches and soft nest materials. Harriet still has to have her say in the placement of the sticks. M15’s greatest accomplishments have been delivering fish to the nest, a necessity for feeding Harriet and any future eaglets. He successfully delivered two fish in one day.

The witnessing of M15 maturing and growing into his majesty as he surpasses milestones has been an amazing sight. This has been an enlightening journey from sorrow to renewal. Hope is that Harriet and M15’s path continues with joyful results and rewards.  Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Video by wskrsnwings

Harriet & M15 Mate~Defend~Rebuild As The Morning Awakens Together At Dawn To Nestorate~Separate Flight Paths Away Five Nest Material Deliveries~Mating~Both On High Alert The Three B’s: Will Bonding & Building = Babies? Harriet Stays At The Nest Watchful Of Sky Activity Early Morning Watch~Harriet Talks & M15 Works M15 Gets A Grip On Nest Building~Harriet Still Rearranges

Video by Birdbrain65 

SWFL Eagles ~ Monday Evening Hi-Lites ~ SWFL Eagles ~ Let’s Make Some Bobbleheads ~ SWFL Eagles ~ Tuesday Evening ~ SWFL Eagles ~ An Eagle’s Work is Never Done SWFL Eagles ~ Wednesday Evening Activities SWFL Eagles ~ Thanks! I’ll Take That Now ~ 11/20/15 (Fish delivery) SWFL Eagles ~ Fish Delivery #1 ~ 11/21/15 SWFL Eagles ~ Fish Delivery #2 ~ 11/21/15

Video by scyllabub

Harriet attacked from behind - alarm!!! investigation! then to nest. Harriet was hit from behind, who was the shadowy attacker?! - SW Florida Bald Eagles Another disturbance, did M15 deal with it at top of tree? Morning, M15 returns, Harriet nabs his leftover fish piece - SW Florida Bald Eagles M15 brings good stick, spreads moss SW Florida Bald Eagles Mating in the attic - SW Florida Bald Eagles Morning wake up, M15 masterfully nestorising - SW Florida Bald Eagles M15 gives fish, Harriet stays to roost, grackle attack… to nightfall - SW Florida Bald Eagles M15 brings fishes @ 1153hr and 1233hr - SW Florida Bald Eagles We can’t follow them home this nasty wet evening - SW Florida Bald Eagles 1

Video by Uta Grobe 

Fish delivery Eagle left nest and fish alone now Little nest work on evening and M15 nibbling on Harriets tail feathers 11-19-15 10:08 slide show fromt head great close up from M15 11-20-15 17:44 Harriet on pond and M15 is watching SWE Cam 11-20-15 17:50 Nest work on evening and love on attic 11-22-15 14:52 Close up Harriet - slide show

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