SWFL Eagles ~ Harriet Delivers A Young Wood Stork! Steals & Tug-O-Leg With Harriet & E18! 4.21.21

4/22/2021 2:06:37 PM

Lady Hawk - Both E's are perched side by side on the attic when Harriet flies in to the nest with a very young bird (appears to be a wood stork baby). E17 hops down from the attic and claims it first and E18 hops down and tries to steal but E17 has it and begins to eat. E18 grabs the head and takes that to the side of the nest to eat. E17 got the majority of the bird before E18 makes a steal and grabs what is left and eats. E17 heads to the veranda and attic and does some flapping as Harriet drops down to the nest and starts to eat. E18 is excited and does not want Mom to take her food! Tug-o-leg between Harriet and E18 and E18 wins. Harriet continues to eat scraps and E17 comes down from the veranda. Another tug of bird between Harriet and E17 as the last scraps of the bird are eaten. E18 eats the foot. Harriet will hop to the veranda and feak her beak and then go to the attic. She flies to the front pine to join M who is waiting for her there. E17 & E18 are laying in the nest exhausted from such an action packed day with E18 fledging and E17 flying all around! Thank you for watching! Video captured & edited by Lady Hawk Thank you SWFEC , hosted by Dick Pritchett Real Estate, for allowing us the opportunity to view these amazing eagles. Link to cam: https://dickpritchettrealestate.com