Tuesday 04/07/2020 SWFL Eagles.. Dad in with a squirrel after mom bringing in a stuffed squirrel! ??

4/7/2020 9:54:28 PM

JCsEagleCottage - Mom is on the nest with the E's, then she flies off and comes back with... a stuffed squirrel? She starts plucking from it but gives up when she notices that this one doesn't have any meat on it.. Then dad comes in with a real squirrel.. to make up for the disappointment?! He then starts feeding mom, E15 & E16.. :-) Courtesy: Dick Pritchett Real Estate, SWFL Florida Eagle cam. Watch live: https://www.dickpritchettrealestate.c... Edited by Anja Edelman Anja Edelman Bald Eagle Web Cam Scaps & Videos