Friday 9/11/2020~SWFL Eagles.. It looks like E15 is ready for new season by bringing in a stick.. ??

9/13/2020 3:43:29 PM

JCsEagleCottage - It's still early, E15 is on the attic branch, dad in the snag tree, and mom on the upper branch. E15, probably hungry, starts squeeking, then flies back and forth from the attic to outer branches, seemingly angry at mom. She ends up being on the outer attic branch from where she flies to her favorite snag tree to hang out for a while.. Then E15 flies to the west pasture to return with a nice stick for the nest. From the nest to the veranda and back to the attic. Cam zooms in on her/him.. At 11:40am E15 moves to the outer branch and takes off.. Courtesy: Dick Pritchett Real Estate, Southwest Florida Eagle cam. Watch live: https://www.dickpritchettrealestate.c... Recorded & edited by Anja Edelman